Advantage Positioning Lakeland FL delivers performance-driven search engine optimization (SEO) services and technology to clients who demand accountability, efficiency and predictability from their online marketing campaigns.

Search engine optimization may seem mysterious to most, but the importance of its mission — improving website rankings in response to search engine queries — could not be more apparent.

Today, search engine optimization has become a fundamental component of any online business plan.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) increases a website’s visibility via offsite internet activities such as Social Media, Pay-Per-Click advertising, directory inclusion, shopping site feeds and more.

The goal is to capture and tie together the relationships between information searchers, businesses, and search engines.

From search engine’s local business “places” to PPC campaigns, from branded Facebook¬† pages to international search, we do whatever is required to give your website a solid & healthy online marketing strategy.

Web Design

Because search engine optimization is vital to the success of a website, SEO considerations should be built into the very core of the site.

While we very often optimize already-built sites, we are just as often hired to design and program websites from scratch.

With the client’s branding, target market, goals and budget always in mind, we design attractive websites that are attractive as well as functional.¬† We integrate shopping carts, build customer- and employee portals, and other elements that make websites more than just a fancy brochure.


From small jobs to entire applications, we do it all!

Most website designers are limited in their expertise to strictly, well, website design. They lack the expertise to blueprint, build and integrate database modules and other high level coding functions. We bring an additional skill dimension to the table; database programming.

You may not realize it, but nowadays the database approach rules the internet as the preferred way to store, manage and retrieve data, both externally on the web & internally on private corporate information systems.