Our Total Approach to SEO/SEM

Simply optimizing a website for search engines will get you a good way in your online marketing endeavor.

However, complete Search Engine Marketing includes many other avenues that integrated give you the maximum impact and return on your website investment.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services include initial site visibility assessment, competitive research and benchmarking, site architecture and design review, including content and meta tag structure, and regular reporting with optimization recommendations.  We also manage PPC’s campaigns, set up Facebook and LinkedIn company pages and other search engine marketing activities.

We approach every SEO/SEM project with four steps:

Before we even look at your website, we discover what your product is, the profile of your Target Market (TM), and what the goals are once the TM is reached. By identifying the goals ahead of time, we can objectively move on to the next step; evaluating your website.

Some clients become emotionally attached to their website which is understandable.  But nostalgia shouldn’t stand in the way of business.  We objectively evaluate your website; is the content written and presented in a way that clearly presents your Unique Sales Proposition? Does the content prompt action?  Does the site intuitively understand and fulfill different online user needs and behaviors?

  • The website design
  • The website infrastructure
  • Site Navigation
  • Site testing (usability, AB testing, etc)
  • Call-to-Action prompts
  • Informative and appropriate content
  • Attractive imagery

Increasing the number of hits to your site is pointless if your site is not anticipating the needs of your visitors and converting hits to sales…

We then plan, implement and manage a complete online marketing campaign customized for your goals and objectives:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay for Placement Targeting (PPC)

Social Media Market

Paid Directories

Shopping Site Feeds

Local Search

International Search

Along with all the above, it is vital to consider other marketing opportunities that support and strengthen your online endeavors:

Email Newsletter Marketing

Website Design/Re-Design

Graphic Design



We offer all of the above to complete your total marketing process!