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Helping to keep your site safe for you and your website visitors

There are many on the web who would love to compromise a website for any number of reasons.  Some just want to prove they can do it, defacing your site with some embarrassing message.  Some wwordpress-hacker-circleant to covertly “inject” hidden code that can infect the website visitor’s computer, possibly stealing data or maybe turning the computer into a “bot”, ready to accept destructive commands sometime in the future.

While we strive to keep our own web servers guarded every night, we do not and cannot make changes to code in each individual website without significant effort and cost.

When we complete a WordPress website, it is “turned over” to the client as up-to-date as it can be – that day.  But, within days, updates may be made available by software developers that have discovered security holes in code that is installed on your site. These code updates need to be reviewed and installed.

We realize that this is not something that our average client would want to attempt to do on an ongoing basis, so we offer the following service for our clients running WordPress sites hosted with us.

WordPress Maintenance Program

We have assembled a suite of programs to monitor the traffic to WordPress websites in real-time basis and at the same time check for available updates.

We can therefore monitor your site and keep it as up-to-date as possible, and additionally lock out suspected hackers.wordpress-superman-circle

While no one can guarantee that intruders won’t gain access, we update and add tools and programs in this suite as they become available.

Additionally, as part of this service, the complete domain – website and e-mail if hosted with us – is backed up every night at 2am and stored securely offsite with Amazon S3.

We store every day in the last week, every week in the last five weeks and every first of the month for three months minimum.  This is not something offered normally from hosting companies where usually only 5-7 days backup is retained at best, and certainly does protect you in the case of “time delayed” hacker attacks.

If, despite all our precautions, the site or e-mail is hacked or you accidentally delete files, both can be restored quickly.  We include a single full restore at no charge annually.


  • We will keep WordPress updated to the latest version unless this creates a conflict with the site theme, see below.
  • Theme updates will be undertaken at our regular hourly rates less 20% to subscribers.
  • We will update plugins by first backing up and then installing. The unusual exception being plugin updates that change site functionality, see below.
  • Sometimes there are major updates to plugins that totally change their functionality and integration.   When this occurs, you will be notified and we’ll only proceed after consultation with you at which time the work will be billed at our regular hourly rate less 20% to subscribers.
  • We will install a full security package that allows us to fine-tune where admin users can log in from, or even block entire countries from viewing your website with an example being North Korea where any activity whatsoever is usually suspect!
  • wordpress-superman-text-online-trimmedWe will monitor the site on a daily basis.
  • We will back-up your domain, including e-mail if applicable, daily (6), weekly (5) and monthly (8).
  • If for any reason it is required, we will restore a requested backup at no charge one time annually per subscription.We are pricing this service at a cost that we believe is in line with our actual costs – i.e. this is not a profit center for us, rather a service.
  • License and support fees to 3rd parties are not included, however on your instructions, we will pay for renewals and send you the bill separately.

The annual subscription is $250 per year which we believe is a very reasonable cost and certainly a cheap price for some peace of mind!

While this specific program is only for clients who host their WordPress sites with us, there is a lot we can do to protect your WordPress site hosted elsewhere.  Call us to discuss!


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