Get yourself visible in the search engines

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a coding technique that helps your website rank higher for targeted keywords and phrases.  Several aspects of your website are considered when optimizing it for search engines:

  • Website Content
  • Website Structure
  • Technical issues such as domains and hosting, redirects, the health of the HMTL, errors on pages, etc
  • Targeted audience
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • External and internal linking

All of these items and more are what search engines’ automated programs (spiders) gather from your website and then, applying their mathematical algorithms, decide how to rank your site in response to keyword queries.

While SEO considerations should always be taken in the design of any website, the most important aspect is always the website visitor.  Are you providing useful content that corresponds to their search and is interesting to the website visitor?  The better the content, the longer the visitor will stay on your website, and the higher that chances are that other websites will link to yours.  Getting links to your website from other websites is a sign to the search engines that your website is good, and that helps boost your rankings beyond what insite SEO can achieve.

Beside gaining organic backlinks from other websites, you can pro-actively seek links by writing and submitting articles to other industry websites, press releases, listing your website in industry-leading directories and membership organizations, amongst other actions.

The importance of links to your website is evident in importance search engines place on social media activity.  Active social media marketing (aka SEM) is a sign to the search engines that your company not only engages with customers, but also that you are willing to work to earn media attention, rather than just pay for it.

Advantage Positioning can assist you with solid, highly professional website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

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