Pay Per Clicks

We manage and optimize all aspects of Pay-Per-Click (aka PPC) campaigns. By owning and optimizing the process, we deliver both increased order volume and efficient customer acquisition to our clients.

Go here for our article explaining the basics of PPC advertising

We also manage shopping cart feeds to Google, Bing and Yahoo’s shopping sites.

PPC Campaign Setup

  • We develop keywords and budgets.
  • We develop effective and optimized ad text
  • We make recommendations on and can develop optimized landing pages
  • We set up accounts with the search engines, and configure the campaigns

PPC Maintenance

  • We maintain the campaign; tweak bids, ad text etc.
  • We communicate with the search engines as needs be
  • Daily, weekly or monthly attendance to all the above steps as per your needs.


  • We report to you on the number of clicks, status of bidding, and our optimization of the ad campaign.