SEO Portfolio

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of strategically placing “keywords” and “keyword phrases” throughout a website in order to achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Request real time work samples when selecting an SEO outfit.  Many don’t want to show you actual achievements.

We don’t want you to take our word; we want to show you our SEO work in action. So, we programmed the tool below so you can check the real time rankings for some of our clients.  We have many more success stories, but these are just some samples of our SEO work.

Click on the search terms below to auto-load the search engine and perform the keyword search. Then, look for the customers URL (link).

Look for

PM sells industrial parts in super alloys worldwide.

Super Duplex – 3rd of 75,100,000

Duplex Round Bar – 6th of 17,400,000

6 Moly – 4th of 50,900,000

Look for

Bradfords sells custom showeer curtains to institutions, hotels and interior designers.

Custom Width Shower Curtains – 1st of 19,400,000

Custom Length Shower Curtains – 1st of 52,400,000

Custom Length Shower Rods – 2nd of 36,800,000

Look for

Kemworks is a chemical engineering firm specializing in phosphate plant consulting.

Phosphate Project Development – 1st of 106,000,000

Phosphate Process Technology – 3rd of 107,000,000

Phospate Plant Engineering – 3rd of 43,500,000

NOTE: Search results are always changing so some of the above rankings may have shifted a little.

In the SEO industry, a ranking within the first 3 pages is considered a success.