Why Content is King

Website Content is King!  From Advantage Positioning, SEO Lakeland FLSo, I’m working with a client who is in the consulting business and charges an arm and a leg for his expertise.

When working on his new website content, he tells me; “We don’t need pages for each of my services.  Just put in one page with a bullet service list.”

He says people will contact him for more information.

No, they won’t.

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Google+ and SEO

google-plus-logoGoogle+ (aka Google Plus)  is often cast as Google’s answer to Facebook.  Now, there are discussions on how well Google+ has been embraced with some very bright people in the industry calling it an outright flop.

Google has had its share of failed products and they are very quick to shut down anything that isn’t flying.  The fact that Google+ is still going is evidence that Google is seeing sure growth in users; a growth not immediately apparent to the rest of us, and not as publicized as Facebook’s.  This is Google’s MO; they quietly put things right out in front of us — things we need like local search — and sit back and let our marketing survival instincts drive the adoption of their products. Continue Reading

SEO – Search Engine Optimization SEO is a coding technique that helps your website rank higher for targeted keywords and phrases.  Several aspects of your website are considered when optimizing it for search engines: Website Content Website Structure Technical issues such as domains and hosting, redirects, the health of the HMTL, errors…

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At least once a month, I get a call from a potential client who has received an email from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) outfit, often from a Gmail account or other free service. They tell me all the things these outfits have promised them and I am often utterly astonished. Continue Reading

Introduction to Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC)

Basically, pay-for-clicks is an advertising system offered by the search engines where your site is listed prominently in an ad when a certain keyword or phrase is queried.   Your advertisement displays in designated ad areas at the top or down the right side of the search engine’s results page.

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International Search Engine Marketing

flag-globeThe internet is the great equalizer that can allow small companies to compete well in the international arena if done correctly.  As in the USA, search engines are by far the top place people find and research products and services. Continue Reading

LinkedIn Company Pages

linkedin3Company Pages with LinkedIn do pretty well on the search engines when someone types in your company’s name. For that reason, it’s important you develop your LinkedIn Company Page. Potential customers, banks, suppliers – even competitors – may be researching your company, so give a great online impression! Continue Reading

Measuring ROI in Social Media marketing

social-media-roiTime is money…

When it comes down to it, time is money. So is time invested in Social Media marketing (SMM). Continue Reading

binocularsEver wondered if all your website pages are included in the search engines? Or who is linking to your site? Continue Reading