Why Content is King

Website Content is King!  From Advantage Positioning, SEO Lakeland FLSo, I’m working with a client who is in the consulting business and charges an arm and a leg for his expertise.

When working on his new website content, he tells me; “We don’t need pages for each of my services.  Just put in one page with a bullet service list.”

He says people will contact him for more information.

No, they won’t.

They’re just one click away from leaving the site and going to someone who can be bothered explaining what they get for their money.  Some people think they can close the deal better face-to-face and that may be the case.  But first you have to get to that point.  A website’s job is to make that happen.

Argh.  I really care about the success of our clients and the websites we do for them.  Next, he’ll be asking me to SEO and will expect, of course, to be at the top of Google.  With 5 measly pages and some bullets, it just ain’t gonna happen.

Here’s what Google says about content:

“Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do. If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. Think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.”

300 to 750 well-written, informative words on a page lets you do several things:

  1. First and foremost and most importantly, show visitors you know your stuff, that you respect their time on your website, and that you are willing to engage with them.
  2. Gives you plenty of opportunity to repeat your targeted keyword without sounding spammy
  3. Allows you to also include long-tail keyword variations
  4. Really good articles get linked to – vital for SEO

Why, oh why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this?

Here’s some pointers on good content:

  • Don’t bludgeon people with sales jive
  • Provide useful descriptions and explanations but don’t overwhelm with too much information
  • Use energetic  words; active writing engages.  Keep the writing casual and friendly
  • Keep the text airy with paragraphs, and don’t go all “dictionary” on people
  • Of course, weave in your targeted keywords
  • Spell check!

Even great marketers struggle with writing good web copy, and especially on a frequent basis.   Consider hiring us to write your content!  We’ve written content for all kinds of industries; service-oriented businesses, manufacturing, petrochemical, even rock bands.  And not just website content.  We also write for advertising material and brochures, press releases and articles.

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